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Delivery Drivers Might Not Have Proper Insurance Coverage

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If you use your own personal vehicle for your job as a delivery driver, you should probably grab your insurance policy and employment contract right now for a review.

Many delivery drivers – whether there is pizza, flowers, packages, or what not in the back of the vehicle – believe that they will be covered for damages caused in an accident while on-the-clock. But this is probably not the true unless it was specifically noted by the employer or by the insurer.

Most insurance companies have a clause in fine print that states personal insurance coverage does not apply for an accident that occurred while the driver was driving for compensation. In different language, if you were earning a paycheck while making a deliver and crash, your own insurance company will not help you cover damages, especially if you are partially or totally liable for the crash. No one ever really points this out to delivery drivers, so don’t feel bad if you were just blindsided by that information.

Are You Insured By Your Company

Companies are not required by law to offer insurance coverage for their delivery drivers, but many imply that they might. Employment contracts might say something along the lines that “current car insurance is required for employment.” This statement can understandably be interpreted to read that if you have car insurance of your own, it applies to while you are working and delivering products and services. But this is not what it means.

If you are unsure if you’re insured while on-the-clock because you use your own car for deliveries, talk to your employer. See if you are part of a company insurance plan that would deal with liability and damages if you cause a crash. If one does exist and you were never told, you might be looking at an honesty problem with your employer, or they may have forgotten. Either way, it leaves you in a precarious position of not having the right insurance.

Commercial Insurance & Compensation

One way to resolve the issue is to buy your own private commercial insurance policy that applies while you are driving for compensation. For many people, this is not reasonable simply due to the notoriously high premiums tied to commercial accounts.

In case you do get into a car accident on-the-clock, another option may arise: filing a personal injury lawsuit. If there is evidence that the other driver is liable, or that your employer has intentionally misrepresented your company coverage, you might not be held accountable for the resulting damages. Call (508) 926-8833 to connect with the Law Office of Robert W. Kovacs, Jr. and talk to our Worcester car accident lawyers for more details.


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